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This is Christmas

As I quietly thank God for another year and what it brought me (obviously, the war isn’t on that list), for everything I’ve learned and accomplished, there’s way too much on my mind.

2023 was incredibly special. So special, in fact, that I almost panicked at one point, even though I’m usually calm. Then my stubborn self decided to do things “my way”. A whole new world opened up to me. Suddenly, I was standing exactly where I’d always wanted to be. Suddenly, everything made sense. Every piece of the puzzle. Once again, I thought about Angyal and our shared birthdays. He turned 9 in July. I love all my dogs the same way, but Angyal is special.

Things I learned in 2023

Be grateful. Sincerely grateful. If not for much else, for being alive and healthy. Many people would give literally anything for that. Count your blessings. Tomorrow (or any other moment) things may change drastically for the better. Golden rule: don’t whine and don’t complain. Most people really don’t care. And the ones that do, be grateful for them, too. Do something, take a risk, if you don’t like what and where you are. Have you ever seen a potter at work? I bet if a pottery piece could talk and feel, it would tell you that the process is very painful. Think about the result. The messy nothing becomes a masterpiece. Every lesson and experience, good and bad, is there to teach you if you’re willing to learn, change, grow and move on. The fact is, God allows things to happen. For many reasons. He also gives you everything you need to get through your situation, right then and there, and at least try to win. People, resources, inner strength, courage, peace of mind and wisdom. It’s there, but you often have to dig deeper to see it. Eventually, one step at a time becomes a fascinating, beautiful journey. I’ve been there. I’m also VERY stubborn. I resist and fight. I don’t know how else to deal. That probably helped, too.

Rebelle Pro: my two cents. I draw, paint and edit my work in Photoshop and have collected many brushes over the years, but Rebelle is an impressive and very decent software for artists. What do you expect from an innovative product made by artists for artists? That’s right. Quality, special features, and ease of use.

My spare time is something a bit abstract, but at least things are slowing down. I decided to move forward and didn’t have to think twice. 2D animation has been on my mind for a few months. So I took some very small steps to learn the basics of it. Progress is slow, at least now, and I don’t see 2D animation as a new career at all. What I want to learn is how to animate the static characters I draw, bring them to life and develop my own workflow. Besides, it’s a great and useful skill for some illustration projects, including personal ones.

There’s something else on my mind. I may be a few steps closer to writing and publishing a book. Time will tell.

That’s it. Thanks to everyone who helped make 2023 what it was and to the great team that worked at my place.

Merry Christmas =).

– K.