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The bridge

Speaking of Debrecen, I have three favorite spots here. No big secret. The bridge next to the train station, Nagyerdo and Black Sheep.

The bridge is a melody. Lullaby, if you like. Nagyerdo is a poem. Black Sheep, well, it’s always coffee o’clock and everybody has a favorite local coffeeshop.

September was great. Month of thrillers =). I totally liked each of them (after all, it’s one of those genres I specialize in), but the last one was the best. The most awesome, considering the plot/story. I had a blast working on it.

Spot #1. The bridge.

I could sit there for hours. Actually, I do =). This place + warm sunny autumn + people in my life = happiness. Simple. Okay, having a job you enjoy just as much as slow weekends, chips and coffee, counts too. This little cliché ‘I love my job’, I know.

One more thing. Or rather, website. Domestika. Unique and more than affordable e-courses for creatives. Worth every penny. Their writing and illustration courses are something special.