literary and creative translator – copy editor – artist – book designer

Hello July

“What do you do when you realize (all) your dreams have come true?”
“Pay off old debts.”

I finally completed my website upgrade. It’s available again. Took longer than I’ve planned – I was busy with other things and took the website down for a few months until I had time to finish what I started. But yes, I’m done. After getting a certificate in book design back in January (LinkedIn course), I focused on work and another course (College of Media and Publishing, editing and proofreading course). Graduated with distinction. My tutor was incredible and the course exceeded my expectations. I learned so much, though I’m an experienced editor. So, technically, now I’m a certified copy editor in three languages – English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Will add new illustrations by the end of July. Stay tuned for two announcements in late August.

Next steps? You’ll know once I get there.

– K.