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Rainbow shines

…maybe once, maybe twice. No clever quotes. No updates. Seeing this was more than enough. Too bad I couldn’t get off the bus. At least it wasn’t overcrowded.


Favorite spot #2. …and a bit of Debrecen. I was hoping I’d have the time to edit and finally upload these photos by today. December 1, yes. Autumn 2021 was an incredible season in so many ways. I’m very excited about upcoming winter holidays. More than ever. Especially Christmas <3. Okay, just as excited about … Read more

Tribute to the murdered

In memory of. It’s about life and death. About people. About courage and survival. The tragedy of the Holocaust. My most personal photo project so far – about people who lived in Debrecen many years ago. About people whose lives were tragically taken away. This project is ongoing – there are other streets on my … Read more

The bridge

Speaking of Debrecen, I have three favorite spots here. No big secret. The bridge next to the train station, Nagyerdo and Black Sheep. The bridge is a melody. Lullaby, if you like. Nagyerdo is a poem. Black Sheep, well, it’s always coffee o’clock and everybody has a favorite local coffeeshop. September was great. Month of … Read more

Autumn kaleidoscope

Basically, all my trips to Debrecen during September-November and some photos of the countryside. Between projects, while the weather was warm or at least relatively warm, I’ve spent a lot of time in Debrecen. Eventually it got colder and the paranoid covid didn’t make it any better – I limited my trips to D. I’m … Read more

Summer 2020

…My adorable puppies followed Angel’s example and learned to stay home without barking / crying. Finally, I can go to Debrecen whenever I want and/or have time. Summer 2020:

Ode to June

…or rather to one of my morning habits: running. if I had to name one thing I like the most about country life, that would be it (see below). I get to see this beauty every morning. May news: became a member of ESIST (European Association for Studies in Screen Translation), took a few days … Read more