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This is Christmas

As I quietly thank God for another year and what it brought me (obviously, the war isn’t on that list), for everything I’ve learned and accomplished, there’s way too much on my mind. 2023 was incredibly special. So special, in fact, that I almost panicked at one point, even though I’m usually calm. Then my … Read more

Hello July

“What do you do when you realize (all) your dreams have come true?” “Pay off old debts.” I finally completed my website upgrade. It’s available again. Took longer than I’ve planned – I was busy with other things and took the website down for a few months until I had time to finish what I … Read more

Black and white spring

An ordinary February morning. I got up around 5 AM. Next thing I knew I was staring at my laptop with a cup of coffee in my hand, unable to believe the news headlines. It was everywhere. 6:30 AM, an incoming call. – There’s a war in Ukraine. – I know. The whole day was … Read more

September tales

Working on the second version of Tribute to the Murdered project. Different approach and format. Will post within 2 weeks. …and my favorite spot. After Nagyerdo. August 20th was just as perfect – it felt great to go there again.

Dear May

Quick update. Considering upcoming projects I’m excited to be part of, the next few months will be [very] busy. I guess this explains the possible decrease of blog posts. Also, it already feels like summer = I spend most of my free time outside. Have a nice May =). – K.