literary and creative translator – copy editor – artist – book designer
About me
In a nutshell

~ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

A film school dropout, I ended up in the magic world of books and art. Despite all ups and downs, it’s been an incredible journey. 

I have stories. Many stories. I could talk for hours about my experience, things I’ve learned along the way, people I’ve worked with, projects I’ve worked on, etc.

To learn more about what I offer and my experience, please visit ‘What I do’ page.

Side project: @insta_debrecen

  • animals, especially dogs
  • coffee and cheese
  • books
  • European cinema
  • [film] photography
  • WordPress
  • alternative web design
  • Elementor
  • vinyl records
  • classic rock / folk rock
  • nature / sunsets
  • bikes
  • road trips
  • pencils and urban sketches
  • ink and watercolor
  • Adobe CC and Rebelle
  • #flyingcarmovement
  • neon city signs
  • lighthouses
  • 2D animation
  • boho design and decor